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Couponing and Freebie Hunting tend to go hand in hand – if you love coupons, you can’t help but love samples and freebies too!

Samples aren’t just a great way to try new products out for free but many of them also come with coupons. The more samples you order, the more coupons you will accumulate.

Here are a couple of tips for finding coupons in your samples

Order Only What You Will Use

Sample offers are usually extremely limited and only a lucky few will get them before they run out. Be courtesy of other freebie hunters and only request samples of products you actually want to try or will use! If you don’t need that Poligrip sample – don’t order it!

Look Through All The Packaging

Don’t let the excitement of getting an awesome freebie in the mail cloud your vision. Be sure to check through all of the packaging included with your freebie for a coupon. Usually they are easy to spot but other times they are inside an information packet inside the box the freebie is in! Be diligent.

Having trouble finding freebies? Don’t miss our Where To Get Freebies & Samples Guide!

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