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Checkout 51 is the latest initiative in the couponing world and it has already saved Canadians thousands of dollars! Here is everything you need to know about Checkout 51!


How It Works

Each week, Checkout 51 distributes a new list of rebate offers on grocery store products. Members can than purchase those products from any retailer in Canada including grocery stores, pharmacies, dollar stores and Costco.

Then use the Checkout 51 mobile app to take a photo of your receipt and send it off. You photo must include the ENTIRE receipt and be clear. If you receipt is too large to do it one picture, you are able to divide it up into multiple smaller pictures to submit. Checkout 51 will confirm your purchase(s) and credit your account for the total rebate amount.

Once you have reached $20 in your account, Checkout 51 will send you a check. As easy as that!  You can choose to bank your rebates for as long as you want too.

When Are New Offers Released

Each week, Checkout 51 offers new rebates. These rebates become live at 12:01am on Thursday and end at 11:59pm the following Wednesday. At SaveaLoonie, we post the offers on Tuesday or Wednesday to give you a sneak peek!

Can I Use Coupons Too

YES! This is one of the best things about Checkout 51! The rebate amount is set by Checkout 51 no matter what you actually pay for the item. This is a huge benefit for Couponers since you can use sales, price matching, coupons and other discounts in conjunction with the Checkout 51 rebate to reduce the item cost even further! This can mean very cheap, FREE or even money-making groceries!

What To Know About Checkout 51


As with any rewards program there are some rules you need to follow and some things you need to know about Checkout 51 before you get started.

  • Currently, Checkout 51 is only available to users with Apple and Android devices with cameras as well as for desktop computer users.
  • Each offer has a specified number of rebate redemption per item, per week, per person. Select the item for the complete details on how many you are allowed!
  • Multiple members of the same household are allowed to sign up. However, you are still only allowed to redeem each receipt once per week.
  • You are able to submit multiple receipts each week. If you bought 1 item on Monday and different item on Tuesday, you are able to submit both receipts for rebates.
  • Each rebate item is only available in limited quantities. Once the maximum number of users have redeemed for that item, you will no longer be able to. This means you want to get your shopping done early and your receipts submitted ASAP.
  • Checkout 51 is NOW available to residents of Quebec!
  • Be sure to turn on your Notifications for Checkout 51! You can find them online by logging into your account and clicking the Bell icon next to your email address. This is where you will be alerted to Special / Limited time offers & updates to your account. You can also turn your notifications on via your mobile device from the Settings page. To get there, click the Person icon at the top left, then the Gear icon at the top right of your mobile screen.
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  1. So I am kinda disappointed in the checkout 51, I never really paid much attention to it until tonight and its unfortunate that I cant participate because I dont own a cell phone so u should also make it so that u can mail ur receipt to a certain place because I have bought lots of these items and would have been nice to get some money back just recently I bought CLEAR SCALP/HAIR (4) and paid 1.88 for 1 and .88 cents each for the other 3 so could have made 8.00 and I bought listerine for 3.99 and could have got 2.00 thats 10.00 and because i dont have a phone I dont get it…….:( hope u can make some changes for the ppl that dont own cell phones

  2. The desktop version has been out for months now, it makes it available to anyone with internet access. Best of all, no paying for data usage on a phone to “save money” like the new snapsaves site, which features mobile only coupons.

  3. j’aurais aimé faire partie du groupe qui a l’autorisation d’utiliser CheckOut51 au québec en ce moment. C’est décevant de ne pas pouvoir en faire partie des maintenant. J’ai bien hâte de pouvoir utilisé votre site, cela aiderait énormément de famille au Québec. Merci à vous amicalement Monic Gagnon

  4. how do you submit your receipts from the desktop computer

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