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April 23, 2020

Canada Post is warning customers of delays in shipping as they handle high volumes of parcels.

We are now into our 6th week of what is being referred to as the “new normal”.

Physical distancing, non-essential business closures, schools shut down, no sporting events, concerts or festivals, increased hygiene and a whole lot of online shopping!

That is according to Canada Post who says it delivered approximately 1.8 MILLION parcels this past Monday alone.

Those numbers are what Canada Post sees during the peak of Christmas shopping season, not mid-April!

Canada Post Shipping Delays

As Canadians are doing their part and staying out of stores, that has resulted in a huge increase in online shopping. So much so that many online retailers are struggling to keep stock of high demand items.


Amazon has informed customers to expect delays as they prioritize the shipping of “essential” items.

Many retailers are also offering Free Shipping, thus further motivating shoppers to make their purchase online.

Since the start of the pandemic, Canada Post has implemented a number of public health measures including keeping employees in the processing plants 2 meters apart and increased cleaning.

This combined with the huge influx of parcels being shipped has lead to the delays.

How Keep Your Mail Safe

Canada Post has initiated a Knock, Drop and Go approach to delivery to minimize customer & carrier interaction. This means they will knock on your door or ring your bell, put the parcel on your porch and leave.

Once your parcel has been delivered, here are a few tips for things you can do keep your family safe:

  • COVID-19 can live on Cardboard for up to 24 hours, so it might be a good idea to wear gloves while handling & opening the box. Discard your gloves before touching the contents of your parcel to avoid cross-contamination!
  • If your parcel is not urgent or temperature sensitive, put it in your garage or shed for 24 hours before opening. This should ensure any traces of the virus have died.
  • Use disinfecting spray on the box prior to touching. Follow the directions on the product for ensuring the proper time for disinfection to take place before grabbing it.
  • Limit your trips to the mail box or post office to once a week or every few days to reduce risk of exposure. Do not leave parcels for more than 15 days at a post office, as they will be returned to the sender.

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April 23, 2020

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