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BREAKING NEWS: Air Miles Cancels Expiry Policy


This is amazing news! Well, for some of us. Other`s may be left feeling a shafted…

After months of battles, complaints, stress and negative comments, Air Miles announced yesterday afternoon that they are cancelling the controversial Expiry Policy on your points!

Now this may be a great relief for some who have been struggling to redeem accumulated miles before they were set to expire on December 31st of this year. There were countless new stories about Air Miles being accused of hiding “good” rewards and rewards within people “budget” making it even harder to redeem points. Many had just accepted the fact all of their hard earned miles would be useless.

But it appears Air Miles FINALLY heard their customers complaints and have officially ex-nayed the Expiry Policy. YAY!

However, if you were one of those who rushed and redeemed your miles on a less-than-stellar reward, you may not be so thrilled with this news.

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