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July 14, 2016

The couponing world is changing. We’ve moved from spending hours clipping coupons to minutes earning cash back.

But what happens when you’re cash back offers don’t line up with your weekly shopping list? Are you left missing out that week?

Not with Caddle!

Quick Intro

If you haven’t heard of Caddle yet (umm, where have you been?!?!) then let me tell you all about them. Seriously. This is important stuff!

Caddle is a Canadian owned & operated mobile application. But Caddle is so much more than just a “grocery cash back app”. Caddle encourages you to share your thoughts & opinions through surveys and get engaged with fun social media tasks – and earn CASH while doing it!

The Offers

Each Thursday, Caddle gives users a new list of offers they can participate in right from their mobile device.

There are the standard grocery offers – fresh produce, dairy & packaged good – but you can also earn money on restaurant receipts, gas for your vehicle, writing a reviews and posting photos of you doing the things you love!

Even better, be sure to check carefully because some offers give you the chance to earn EXTRA cash! You earn for purchasing the item & uploading your receipt like some of the more familiar apps, but you can also take survey’s & watch advertisements to earn a little more.

What Makes Caddle Different

Personally, I LOVE Caddle. They are one of my favourite apps to use. Being just Ryan and I, I don’t need to shop every week. But I HATE missing out on the chance to earn a little extra money. And really – Caddle gives you the opportunity to earn FREE MONEY – no purchase necessary! Other cash-back apps don’t. So even if I don’t make it to the store, I can still bank some extra coin by sitting out in the warm sun with a cool drink and my cell phone in hand! What could be better!?!

I feel it is also VERY important to acknowledge the charitable side of Caddle. They give 10% off all profits to charity. That’s over 10-times the Canadian company average!! Incredible – and so Canadian 😉

Cash Back

Now that you’ve downloaded Caddle, scrolled through the offers and done a few surveys/engagements, you’re probably wondering “how & when do I get my money?!?”

That is, in part, up to you. Once you’ve reached a balance of $20 in your Caddle account, you can choose to Cash Out and they will mail you a check.

You can cash out as often as you like (as long as you’ve hit the threshold) or you can bank your cash for a while.

For me, I bank ALL of my cash-back app credits/money through the year and cash out in November. Once the checks come in, I have my Christmas shopping money! But that’s just the solution that works for me! Everyone is different and everyone has a different way of shopping & saving.

Now that we’ve told you all about Caddle – it’s time to Engage. Earn. Anywhere!


Compensation was received for this post. All thoughts & opinions expressed are my own.

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July 14, 2016
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