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November 21, 2023

Our Bath & Body Works Candle Day Sale Breakdown will get you in the know for this once a year event!

The most wonderfully scented day of the year is approaching and we’re here to tell you everything you need to know!

What is Bath & Body Works Candle Day?

bath & body works candle day

Bath & Body Works lovers are probably already well versed on Candle Day, but if you’ve never heard of it, you’re probably a little confused.

Once a year, Bath & Body Works offers a deep discount on all of their 3-wick candles, including their holiday scents. It’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on your favourites and try some new scents for the months ahead. I suggest even grabbing a few extras for teacher gifts, hostess gifts and the inevitable person you forgot to buy for!

When is Candle Day in Canada for 2023?

Bath & Body Works Candle Day in Canada always happens in early December on the weekend following Black Friday. We’ve been tracking dates for this epic event for several years now and are fairly confident that for 2023, it will be the same.

That means this year, we predict the Candle Day sale to begin online November 30th and in-stores December 1, 2023. This of course, is an educated guess and subject to change.

How long does the Bath & Body Works Candle Day Sale last?

Historically speaking, Candle Day has always been for one day, on a Saturday. However, in 2020 that changed. To allow customers more time to shop with less crowds, Bath & Body Works moved Candle Day to a 3-Day sale starting on Friday and lasting until Sunday.

In 2021, it moved to a 2-day sale as most of Canada continued to grappled with the pandemic and required social distancing. Then in 2023, they made another small change, starting the event online the evening before and lasting 2 days (instead of 1).

So in 2023, we’re left guessing if it will continue to be a multi-day event (2.5 days online & 2 days in-stores) or if we will be back to one day only. My educated guess is we will have the same timing as last year – starts on Thursday evening (around 8pm ET) online & begins on Friday morning in-stores, with all sales continuing until Saturday.

How much are candles on Candle Day?

bath & body works candle day

As with everything, the cost of 3-wicks on Candle Day has been steadily climbing over the years. That being said, the Bath & Body Works Candle Day Sale is still the best time of the year to buy candles. The current regular price of Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candles is $27.50.

In 2018, Candle Day prices were just $10.50 per candle but climbed to $11.95 in 2020 and has been holding there since. For 2023, I’m predicting we will see Bath & Body Works set their price once again at $11.95 or possibly $12.50, since you know – inflation.

Will Candle Day be available online?

YES, you can shop Candle Day online! In the fall of 2021, Bath & Body Works launched their Canadian online store and you can now order all of your favourites right from your couch!

That being said, at this time, Bath & Body Works does not have a free shipping option, regardless of how much you spend. They have offered free shipping codes but the likelihood of seeing it on Candle Day is small. So if you want to shop online, be prepared for a $9.99 shipping fee added on to your order.

Can I use coupons on Candle Day?

bath & body works candle day

You sure can, just don’t expect Bath & Body Works to offer a coupon this weekend. However, if you happen to have a coupon & it’s still valid by Candle Day, you can most definitely use it!

TIP: Sign up for the Bath & Body Works newsletter (click here) a couple of days ahead of the sale and receive a welcome coupon for $10 off a $30 purchase or head in-store and make a purchase prior to sale day. In the past, I’ve received coupons in early November and they are valid for the big day!

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November 21, 2023
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