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December 23, 2021

Learn more about the Aveeno Active Naturals Class Action.

If you have purchased an Aveeno “Active Naturals” product, you may be entitled to compensation!

The Class Action

Has clever or catchy advertising ever duped you into buying a product only to later find out, the product wasn’t what it appeared?

This is the case with Aveeno Active Naturals. A Class Action was launched on the premise that advertisements and representations made by Aveeno related to the Aveeno Active Naturals Products are false and/or misleading since they misrepresent to consumers that the ingredients inside the packaging are natural, when in fact, they are not natural and actually contain unnatural, synthetic, and potentially harmful ingredients (depending on the quantity).

The parties have reached a settlement before the class action was authorized and without any admission of liability on the part of Aveeno.

A settlement fund of US$675,000.00 (converted into Canadian dollars) will be established by Aveeno. This fund will be used to pay all escrow charges and taxes related to the Settlement Fund, all notice and claim administration costs, Class Counsel’s legal fees and expenses and the claims of the class members.

Who Can File A Claim?

Any person who purchased Aveeno Active Naturals Products for personal use, in Canada at any time before September 28, 2021 can make a claim.

For a complete list of products, see the claim website.

Those who purchased for resale are excluded from this class action.

How Much Will I Get?

A claimant is eligible to obtain CA $3.15 for each purchase of an Aveeno Active Naturals Product for up to 20 Aveeno Active Naturals Products purchased at any time on or before September 28, 2021, without the need to present a proof of purchase.

These awards may be subject to pro rata adjustment, upward (up to a maximum of double the initial claim amount, but never more than CA $126.00 per household) or downward, depending on the number of claims approved.

You are only able to make one claim per household. You may pool all purchases made by members of a household into a single claim.


You have until March 11, 2022 to submit a claim.

As soon as is possible after this date, arrangements to pay approved claims will begin. This process can take up to a year to complete, so be patient.


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December 23, 2021

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