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Zweet Rebate Offers


Zweet is the most recent Cash-Back Application available in Canada! New offers are available at midnight on Wednesdays and run until the following Tuesday.

Offers may vary by province and location.

Click here to learn more about Zweet.

Here is the list of current Zweet Rebate Offers:

Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal, any flavour
Cash Back: $1.00

L’Oreal Paris Excellence Hair Colour
Cash Back: $3.00

L’Oreal Paris Preference¬†Hair Colour
Cash Back: $3.00

Cordon Bleu Gravy, selected flavours, 398ml
Cash Back: $0.25

Organic Medium Cheddar Biobio Cheese
Cash Back: $1.00

Organic Swiss Biobio Cheese
Cash Back: $1.00

Organic Mozzarella Biobio Cheese
Cash Back: $1.00

Vicenzi Cookies
Cash Back: $0.75

Buy 2: Wernli Cookies
Cash Back: $1.75

Welch’s Frozen Fruit & Veggie Blend
Cash Back: $1.00

These offers are valid until March 28, 2017