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Zweet Rebate Offers


Zweet is the most recent Cash-Back Application available in Canada! New offers are available at midnight on Wednesdays and run until the following Tuesday.

Offers may vary by province and location.

Click here to learn more about Zweet.

Here is the list of current Zweet Rebate Offers:

Cash Back: $0.25

Vicenzi Cookies
Cash Back: $0.75

Buy 2: Wernli Cookies
Cash Back: $1.75

Mini Babybel 6ct
Cash Back: $0.75

Buy 2: Mini Babybel 6ct
Cash Back: $2.00

At Costco: Mini Babybel 22ct
Cash Back: $3.00

Natur-a Rice Beverage 946ml
Cash Back: $0.75

Natur-a Almond Beverage 946ml
Cash Back: $0.75

Natur-a Soy Beverage 946ml
Cash Back: $0.75

Natur-a Soy Beverage 1.89L
Cash Back: $1.00

Natur-a Soy Beverage 3x200ml
Cash Back: $0.75

Buy 2: Haiku Rice Cut Noodles
Cash Back: $1.50

GROKsi Novello 60g
Cash Back: $0.50

GROKsi Rosmarino 60g
Cash Back: $0.50

GROKsi Classico 60g
Cash Back: $0.50

GROKsi Deciso 60g
Cash Back: $0.50

These offers are valid until January 24, 2017