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CartSmart is the most recent addition to the Digital Couponing world. Be sure to read the Terms for each offer careful as they do not all follow the same window of availability.

Click here to learn more about CartSmart.

New offers become available on Thursdays at midnight and are valid (while supplies last) until the following Wednesday.

The Current Cash Back offers are:

Kikkoman Brand Soy Sauce
Cash Back: $0.50

Mott’s Clamato
Cash Back: $1.00

O-Live & co Oil
Cash Back: $1.00

CLR Cleaners
Cash Back: $1.00

vitafusion MultiVites Gummy Vitamins
Cash Back: $1.00

Jiffy Pop Popcorn
Cash Back: $0.50

Hydrasense Hypertonic Nasal Spray
Cash Back: $1.00

Maxwell House Original Coffee 925g
Cash Back: $1.00

Sun-Maid Raisins 14x14g pack
Cash Back: $0.50

Quaker Life Cereal, 450g
Cash Back: $0.75

Pedigree Dentabone Dog Chews
Cash Back: $0.75

L’Oreal Preference Hair Colour
Cash Back: $1.00

These rebates are valid until November 5, 2014

Your list of offers may have additional offers, these offers have been unlocked for you based upon your behaviour of using the list, or based upon your region, or relevant information related to your specific CartSmart account.

New to CartSmart? Please use the referral code LOONIE when you sign up!

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  1. amanda

    Any word on when this app will be available for Android?

  2. Karen

    When are we getting the app for android .

    • savealoonie

      Very soon! The CartSmart Android Contest just closed yesterday, so I’m expecting it will be *Hopefully* next week :)

  3. Tammy Brazeau

    Confused. Didn’t think cartsmart was available on android

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