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Hidden Coupons – Printable SmartSource Coupons

Like, and, has ooodles of hidden coupons as well. However, these coupons are only available in print format. Browse through all of the hidden coupons below.

*Navigate the tabs below to filter active and expired coupons. We keep expired links because sometimes, prints replenish and coupons become available again on old links!*

Active Hidden Coupons Portals

$2 off Tidy Cats:

$3 off Sunlight Laundry:

$1 off Royale Tiger Towels:

$1 off Royale Velour:

$1 off Del Monte & Snack Pack:

$1 off Royale Tiger Towels:

$1 off Royale Tiger Towels:

BOGO Free VH Sauces:

P&G brandSAVER Coupons powered by SmartSource:

Pampers Coupon Portal:

Purina Pro Plan Coupon Portal:

$2 off Dove Body Wash:

$2 off Clairol:

BOGO SunRype Okanagan Bars:

$1 off Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent:

$1.50 off Snuggle Coupon:

$0.55 off Kikkoman Coupon:

$5 off Novartis Products Coupon:

$2 off L’Oreal Sublime Cleansers:

$3 off L’Oreal Miracle Blur Eye:

$4 off Dove Advanced Hair Series:

$5 off any Gold Bond Ultimate Lotion or Cream:

Target Canada Exclusive Coupons:

$4 off Otrivin Saline Sea Water & Aloe Coupon:

$1 off Stonemill Bakehouse Bread Coupon

$3 off La Roche-Posay Anthelios Sunscreen Coupon:

$1 off wub2 Cream of Wheat Hot Cereal Coupon:

$0.75 off Saputo Mozzarellissima Coupon:

$1 off any Dove Hair Care Coupon:

Expired Hidden Coupons Portals

$1.50 off Royale Tiger Towels:

$1.50 off wub2 Enjoy Life Coupon:

$2.50 off Goody QuikStyle Brush Coupon:

$1.50 off Colgate 360 Toothbrush Coupon:

$2 off wus $10 on any Rimmel London Coupon:

$1.50 off any GE Reveal Bulbs Coupon:

$2 off Buckley’s Lozenges Coupon:

$2 off Vaseline Spray & Go Coupon:

$1 off Vileda Scrub & Go Coupon:

$1 off Ritz Crackerfuls Coupon:

$0.75 off Nestle Pure Life Nature’s Blends Coupon:

$1 off So Nice 1.89L Coupon:

$2 off any Dove Deodorant Coupon:

$3 off wub2 Dove Hair Care Coupon:

$1.50 off Folgers Gourmet Selections K-Cups Coupon:

SC Johnson Right@Home Coupons:

$5 off MegaRed:

$0.50 off Fleischmann’s Yeast:

$3 off L’Oreal Preference Mousse Absolue Hair Colour:

$1 off Lactantia Flavoured Milk:

$1 off Armstrong Cheese:

$0.75 off Campbell’s Broth:

$2 off L’Oreal Nutri-Shimmer Crystal:

$1 off Majesta ez Flush Coupon:

$2 off Dove Beauty Bar Coupon:

$1 off OxiClean Liquid Laundry Detergent:

$3 off L’Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal:

$4 off L’Oreal Sublime Sun:

$0.75 off Jordans Morning Crisp Cereal:

$2 off Royale Tiger Towels:

$1 off wub2 Gold Seal Tuna:

$2 off Nair Candy Apple Sugar Wax:

$2 off Air Wick Familiar Favourites:

50% off your Third Dove Product:

$1.50 off any Vitafusion or L’il Critters:

$1 off Air Wick Candles:

$2 off Air Wick Canadian Parks Series:

BOGO SunRype Fruit Activ Bars:

$2 off Air Wick:

$1 off Degree Deodorant:

$5 off any Nicorette Coupon:

$1.50 off any GE energy smart CFL, reveal or halogen lighting Coupon:

$1 off Hellmann’s Mayo Coupon

$1 off Campbell’s Stock First Coupon:

$0.75 off Nestle Pure Life 330ml Case Coupon:

FREE Meow Mix Wet Cup wub Dry Food Coupon:

$1 off Nesfruta Coupon:

$1 off Liberte Greek Yogurt:

Loreal Youth Code Coupon:

Clear Hair Therapy BOGO Coupon:

TRESemme Coupon:

Vileda ProMist Mop Coupon:

Schick Hydro Silk Razor Coupon:

SunRype Fruit to Go Bars Coupon:

SunRype BOGO Just Fruit & Grains Bars Coupon:

SunRype B2G1 Just Fruit & Grains Bars Coupon:

SunRype Slim Coupon:

SunRype Plus Veggies Coupon:

Neilson TruTaste Coupon:

High Liner Coupon:

Air Wick Colour Changing Candles Coupon:

Janes Boneless Bites Coupon

SunRype BOGO Smoothie Coupon:

Got2B Styling Coupon:

Sally Hansen Coupon:

Armstrong Cheese Coupon:

Zevia Coupon ($0.25 off 1 can):

Zevia Coupon ($1 off 6 pack):

Zevia Coupon ($2 off 10 cans):

Free Colgate Optic White WUB 360 Toothbrush Coupon:

Pita Break Coupon:

L’Oreal Healthy Look Creme Gloss Coupon:

Air Wick Freshmatic Coupon:

L’Oreal Superior Preference Coupon:

Janes Chicken Coupon

Loreal Healthy Look Coupon

VIM Coupon

Loreal Feria Coupon

Nivea Coupon

Triaminic Thin Strips Coupon

Colgate Optic White Coupon:

Allan Dessert Coupon:

Janes Coupon:


  1. valerie

    are all smart source just printable or are they mailed too??

    • marta

      Some places don’t accept printable coupons.

    • Sharon

      They are ONLY printable. I wish they were mailed too, I don’t always have ink for my printer.

      • Deb

        If you are from Wpg. SmartSource coupons come out in the Winnipeg Saturday “Free Press” Currently Free Press is offering gift card for subscription. You can sign up for just Saturday paper. Coupons plus gift card more than pay for your subscription.

  2. valerie

    are these just to print??

    • azim

      i want the diapers cupons please


    I too love the site but I don’t have a printing printer, so why can’t these be mailed?


    • VegeeJay

      Have you bought a stamp lately? Maybe that has something to do with it. Costs money to print coupons & envelopes, then stuff and mail those envelopes, and a lot of time the coupons that aren’t used are thrown out.
      Makes more sense for the companies to offer print as you need type coupons. Saves them money, which they can use to offer larger discounts via coupons!
      If you have alibrary in your community, they will let you do printing for a small fee.

      Or maybe ask a friend or relative, who does have a printer. And printers themselves can now be purchased for cheap….and let you make beautiful greeting cards, letters that you can read, and copies of forms & documents. Why not buy one for your own sake??

  4. viviana

    The Got2be link isn’t valid anymore?????

  5. Pascale

    Vim link invalide since december 2012

    • savealoonie

      Yes, that’s why it would be under the “Expired Hidden Coupons” list :)

      Only coupons under Active are still valid

  6. Ronald

    What’s with all the printable coupons these days? With the cost of ink plus the waste of paper when you cut out the coupon, it is not worth the while for .50-$1.00 off.

    • nancy

      agree. If you can print them off at your work though without anyone seeing, you can save. ;)

      • Sharon

        that would be called STEALING….is a $0.50 coupon worth your job???

  7. nancy

    Janes bites is not there anymore. The smartsource page doesn’t say how much these coupons are worth. Like how much off on the milk one?

  8. Candytuff

    Orville redenbachers deodorant ? Hmmmm. Lol

    • savealoonie

      lol, oops! Thanks for pointing out the typo ;)

  9. Carol Keays

    I agree the coupons should be mailed also never mind a printer I don’t even have a computer I use my phone

  10. Ellen F.

    Totally agree with the coupons being mailed out!

  11. Sharon

    Armstrong cheese offer no longer available and happens to be under the ACTIVE Hidden portal section….HUMMMM I did like this site….but no printer = no coupons I guess….

    • Georgia

      Sharon don’t be so dang snotty. These people do a lot of work, an they are not responsible for coupons being printable or mail out, that is COMPLETELY up to the companies, not this website. Get an attitude change.

  12. Mo

    I very much appreciate the printables.
    Just my two cents but please, keep them coming.

  13. sarahlyn tinson

    Thank you for your hard work collecting these coupon links. You save me hours of searching on the web for coupons. Your hard work shows and I am very thankful for what you do :) Keep up the good work!!!


  14. Jodie

    armstrong cheese is not active anymore :(

  15. sheila

    Hi i am having problems trying to print smartsource coupons. it always asks for a java update waste of time as it never works. do you have any tips?

  16. sarahlyn

    The rightat home coupons page works

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