Canadian Coupons

Hidden Coupons always has numerous hidden portals for amazing products. Below is a list put together for you to browse through them with ease. Remember with you do not need a limit of coupons to order. You can select 1 coupon and order it! If you do multiple orders they usually just join them onto one sheet for you.

Active Hidden Coupons Portals

Cascadian Farm Cereal Coupon:

Baby Gourmet Coupon:

OxiClean Dishwashing Coupon:

Meow Mix Coupon:

Larabar Coupon:

Exclusive Grocery Coupon Portal:

Milk-Bone Brushing Chews Coupon:

Frito-Lay Product Coupons:

Seventh Generation Coupon:

AXE Face Coupon:

Majesta e-z Flush Coupon:

Mr Lube GTA Coupons:

Mr Lube Barrie Coupons:

B2G1 Glade Fragrance Mist Coupon:

Celestial Seasonings Coupon:

Hain Celestial Coupon:

BOGO Glade Fragrance Mist Coupon:

$1 off Rudi’s Organic Bakery Coupon:

$1 off Rudi’s Gluten Free Coupon:

Savings Made Delicious Coupons:

$2.50 off EcoTraction Coupon:

$1 off Softsoap Antibacterial Hand Soap Coupon:

$2 off Carnation Breakfast Essentials Coupon:

$1 off Club House BBQ Sauce:

$1 off Cheerios Coupon:

Expired Hidden Coupons Portals

Dr Oetker Ristorante Mare Pizza Coupon:

$4.50 off Tena Products Coupon:

$1 off Galbani Cheese Coupon:

$1 off Oatmeal Crisp Coupon:

$1 off Post Honey Bunches of OatsCoupon:

Natrel Baboo FPC:

Kraft Shredded Cheese Coupon:

Europe’s Best Coupon:

Colgate Slimsoft Coupon:

Nestle Gerber Coupon:

Egg Creations BOGO Coupon:

Reynolds Coupon:

Pro Plan Dog Food Coupon:

Activia Plain Yogourt:

Green Giant Veggie Chips Coupon:

ItalPasta Coupons:

Dr. Oetker Pizza Coupons:

Snuggle Coupon:

Yoplait Coupon:

Nordica Cottage Cheese:

Kraft Savings Portal:

2 K-Y Brand Coupons Via Facebook:

Purina Coupons:

Gay Lea Coupon:

High Liner Coupons:

Nordica Coupons:

One A Day Vitamin Coupon:

Kraft Dinner Smart Coupon:

Mott’s Garden Cocktail:

6 New Print and Mail Health Related Product Coupons:

McCain Harvest Splendour Coupon:

Live Well Save Well Coupons (Allergies, Pain, Baby Shampoo):

So Nice Coupons:

$1.50 Majesta Bathroom Tissue Coupon:

$7.50 off Nicorette (accessed only through Facebook):

$1.00 off Motts Fruitsations Coupon via Facebook:

$5.00 off Purina One SmartBlend:

Arm and Hammer Coupons:

So Good Beverage Coupons:

Kellogg’s Coupons (Currently yielding no coupons):

Ryza Coupon:

$1.00 So Nice for Coffee Coupon:

Almond Fresh Milk Coupon:

$1.00 off Activia Dessert Yogurt:

Toothpaste Coupons:

Dr. Oetker Coupons via Facebook:

Enfamil Coupons:

Post Foods (no new ones as of July 12th, all coupons available via home page):

Sunlight Detergent Coupons


  1. Karen

    Hi new at this. Any of these hidden portal seem not to work. Where to get coupons?

    • Katie

      I am havinbg trouble getting coupons too. They won’t let you select and mail or print. Just freezes up.

  2. Mel

    To get to the hidden portals just clik on the one you want , like websaber, or They changed the website you will find them on the lower right hand corner.

  3. manda

    everytime I click coupons I want and hit next it says I have not selected any coupons.

    • SR

      I sign in when that happens and then go back and click through to each link from here. Sometimes you may have to check out w/just the 1 item.

    • barbara

      I also get “have not selected” yet I see it in the basket. Grrrr

  4. vicki

    the purina must have expired… error…

  5. rose

    what happened to the purina dog chow coupon? $3.50 off. i can’t find a link 2 it any more.

  6. Dana

    You really need to update this. Alot of these are no longer available

  7. Char

    Most of these hidden coupons have expired. Time to update.

  8. stefania

    is it just me or does the kraft one not work?

  9. Bonnie

    How many coupons are on at any given time? At the moment, when I sign in there is seven, including three that I have to wait to re-order. That doesn’t seem like many…

    And I can’t find links for hidden portals, they aren’t showing up on the screen. I’m signed in, so I don’t know what’s going on.

  10. Linda

    having trouble getting any coupons , I click on the coupons I want , then click get my coupons, then it say you have no coupons in your cart. Is there a problem with this ?

  11. CrazyCatLady

    The Chex coupon link gives an error message but other than that the other links seem to be fine. I usually go through the process and click to mail and it gives me a message saying there were no items in my cart to mail but then they send me an email and say the item was sent and is on its way..

  12. Runic

    If you take “home” off the Chex URL, the link works.

  13. Anna Mary Foster

    I have been trying to get my mailed out coupons it keeps saying error

    • savealoonie

      I’m getting the same error this morning :( Maybe they are working on the site?

  14. 1Prego
    $20 off prenatal multivitamins 24hr wait for re-order…

    • savealoonie

      Thanks for sharing – however, that coupon is only available through the original source (newsletter or website). Thanks for sharing though!

  15. greeneyesgreen

    I didn’t have any major issues, but the the one that I did problem with was the coupon for TENA…..came back there was an error and that this coupon was no longer available……thanks….

  16. Wendy

    different coupons that I have clicked on such as handsoap and the axe face take me to, but the coupons are not there, whats up??

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