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Hidden Brandsaver.ca Coupons

BrandSaver.ca is an amazing coupon resource. Every few months BrandSaver has 60+ new coupons for many P&G products. Ranging from household to body and beauty. They also use a similar platform that webSaver.ca uses. This is great as it leads to those hidden coupon portals. BrandSaver.ca usually has many hidden coupon portals but… These portals tend to yield coupons already available on their main coupon portal page. This however does not count out all the hidden coupon portals BrandSaver.ca has. So we have put together a list of all the BrandSaver.ca coupon portals that we are aware of. Maybe you might be able to score a few extra coupons!

Active Hidden Brandsaver.ca Coupons Portals



  1. you have to sign up for each coupon web site : save.ca, websaver.ca, P&Gbrandsavers.ca. After you can get your hidden coupons by clicking on them, they are on the lower right hand corner of this page. I hope that helps.

  2. when I try to sigh up for pg coupons and give all my info it says my year and birthdate isn’t right please help

  3. commen ca je peux jamais avoir des echantillions par la poste a tout les fois je vois l annonce i dit quil en a plus

    aussi a tous le printemps et automne je peux jamais en avoir et ses pas a cause j applique pas et sa dit toujours la page ne peux etre trouver merci

    j aimerais sa en avoir ok


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