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As March winds down (I know – can you believe how fast it went!), we are confident that the Spring SampleSource Free Samples will be coming really, really soon!

Here’s what they had to tell us this week:

And last but not least, our favourite, Sneak Peek Sunday!

“Coming in our Spring 2014 Canadian sample, this cereal stays crunchy when heated up! #NotSoggy #SneakPeekSunday #samplesource #samples #trybeforeyoubuy #freebies”

Any new guesses for what samples are coming? I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!

If you are unfamiliar with SampleSource, click here to learn more about this AMAZING program!

— March 16th Update —
Another week has gone by which means we are another week closer to SampleSource Free Sample Packs! YAY!

It was a bit of a quiet week from our friends at SampleSource but they did still manage to give us some more clues as to what’s to come this spring!

And of course, our Sneak Peek Sunday photo! The caption SampleSource gave us for this photo is “Hey Canada! This Spring 2014 sample is specially designed for blonde hair #HairTLC #samplesource #trybeforeyoubuy #freebies #sneakpeeksunday”


I am so stinking excited! Just another week or 2 I bet! We are checking regularly and will keep you updated with any news!

If you are unfamiliar with SampleSource, click here to learn more about this AMAZING program!

— March 9th Update —
Spring is right around the corner – I can feel it! And you know what that means, the Spring SampleSource Free Sample Pack is coming too!

The wonderful staff at SampleSource have been hard at work getting samples ready & keeping us posted with hints and sneak peeks!

Here is what they had to say this week!

And finally, our Sneak Peek Sunday Photo!


I have a feeling there is going to be an AMAZING selection of samples available this year! We also noticed a small change on the SampleSource website. They put up a new badge indicating new samples are coming soon!

— March 2nd Update —
SampleSource has been hard at work all week keeping us updated with hints about what’s to come in the anxiously awaited Spring Free Sample Pack! Here’s what they’ve been saying:

And today, they’ve treated us to another Sneak Peek Sunday!


Based on all of that, I’m predicting a sunscreen or self-tanning lotion, Quaker Quinoa Bars, Simply Face Cream (natural ingredients?), Hershey’s chocolate and Twistos :)

What are your guesses?

We will be keeping you posted with any more news from SampleSource!

— Feb 23rd Update —
It’s time for another Sneak Peek Sunday from SampleSource! YAY!

We’ve got a look at another 2 products that will be available in the upcoming Spring Sample Pack!


Any guesses on what these 2 new products are? I’ve got a good guess on one, the other I’m still trying to figure out!

— Feb 9th Update—

SampleSource has given us our first Sneak peeks at what’s to come in this Spring’s upcoming free sample pack!


What do you think they could be?

—- Jan 21st Update —-
SampleSource is keeping us up to date with some news!

If you aren’t on Instagram yet, you just might want to sign up! Here’s why!


We will keep you posted with anything new we find about these amazing sample packs and when they will be available again!

—– ORIGINAL POST Jan 9th —–
It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything from our Friends at SampleSource but today, they have some great news for us!


You know, as always, we will be watching closely and keep you updated with any more news!

Just as a friendly reminder, this was the Fall 2013 SampleSource Pack


Isn’t it glorious – and they say the next one will be EVEN BIGGER!?!

If you are unfamiliar with SampleSource, click here to learn more about this AMAZING program!



  1. Rhonda
    January 09, 10:55 Reply
    How do you end up getting all the samples? When I ans the questions I usually end up getting half or less. Am I ans wrong? PS Thanks for all your hard work!
    • savealoonie
      January 09, 11:02 Reply
      It all depends on how you answer questions. Companies decide who gets what samples based on the products you buy and use etc. Also, be sure to always do your follow up surveys! These companies provide samples so they can hear your feed back on the product. If you don't help them, they won't want to help us out any more :) Hope that helps and Happy Freebie Hunting!
    • Nanner
      January 12, 10:18 Reply
      I always answer other for the answers and usually get most of everything that is offered !!
  2. ina
    February 09, 19:22 Reply
    looks like some liquid plumber and face cream
  3. Maegan Morin
    February 09, 19:39 Reply
    To me it looks like something from Armor All and something from Burts Bees
  4. Trish
    February 09, 21:06 Reply
    The first picture with the yellow container is something from Armor All Car Cleaners!
  5. Lynn
    February 10, 00:15 Reply
    Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream with clary sage 50g $29.99 Armor-All Ultra Shine Wash & Wax 1.89L $14.99 <a href="" title="Go see" rel="nofollow">
  6. Carol Ceaser
    February 23, 13:11 Reply
    I think the new products are HP sauce and Tropicana juice.
  7. Rick F
    February 23, 14:42 Reply
    I've filled out their survey for 5 yrs now & have yet to ever receive anything from them.
    • Lynn
      February 23, 20:33 Reply
      Samplesource has only been around for a year. You are thinking of Shopper's Voice.
  8. luvto save
    February 23, 18:54 Reply
    Franks Red Hot.. Salad dressing, Burt's Bee
  9. amanda
    February 23, 19:02 Reply
    The 1 on the right has to be a new flavour tabasco
  10. Lynn
    February 23, 20:32 Reply
    The second set of mystery items are: Tropicana Farmstand juice blends Tabasco Chipotle sauce
  11. amanda
    March 02, 12:11 Reply
    My guess for the new sneak peak pictures is cat or dog treats ...and Hershey ' s almond bar
  12. luvto save
    March 03, 12:38 Reply
    Please more Frizz ease, Burts Bee ClarySage FC, Snuggle.. my favs, but send it all!!!!
  13. Brooklynn
    March 10, 10:08 Reply
    Sample Source is just going to keep stringing people along till mid April when they actually allow you to order the sample kits. I just wish they did not drag it out so long.
    • savealoonie
      March 10, 10:12 Reply
      Every SampleSource Spring Sampler has gone live on the first Tuesday of April. However the first Tuesday of 2014 April happens to fall on April Fools day... So we're not sure ;)

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