Canadian Tire Tester Club

Canadian Tire Tester Club

Join the Canadian Tire Tester club for your chance to test products for other Canadians!

“If you are chosen to become one of our official product testers, you’ll be given the product and will be asked to capture your interactions with it.”


  1. Pen
    July 09, 23:21 Reply
    wonder what criteria will be to be picked already signed up :)
  2. Lisa Smith
    July 10, 09:17 Reply
    Let the testing begin....I look forward to it. thanks Lisa
    • Pen
      December 13, 07:32 Reply
      Elizabeth u Sign up and answer some questions they will send you an email if you qualify to test a product We signed up and got an email for Auto products but did not qualify I sent them a reply so hope they will send me another email to test products in the future.
  3. Jenny
    January 13, 14:26 Reply
    did anyone get a reply back about the brakes or locks? I haven't heard of a single person getting approved for that offer yet.
  4. Hazel
    October 24, 14:03 Reply
    I am curious about the brakes and lock offer from a few months ago. did anyone ever get them?
  5. Garyas
    June 24, 09:55 Reply
    Hi I am all ready sign up as a tester for canadian tire and have tested Frank's light roasted coffee. However does this mean I will not be getting any other testing products. I was wondering how this testing system works. Is it possible you could advise me how I can go to the testers web site and see for myself. Thanks in adavance. Gary Schrader

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