Brisk 20 Days Of Cool Stuff Giveaways

Brisk 20 Days Of Cool Stuff Giveaways

Brisk Canada is rewarding their Fans with Cool Stuff! There will be 20 prizes available a day for 20 days!

Giveaways will occur at random times on weekdays only. If you are lucky enough to get in on time, you will have 5 minutes to fill out your claim form. These freebies go EXTREMELY Fast so if you missed out keep trying!

We will be watching for giveaways and letting you know when they go live!

This is what the “live” page will look like however prizes will vary:


If you successfully claim a prize, you will receive an email with a Declaration that must be signed and returned to Brisk! I received my email just about 24hours after my win.

*NOTE* I contacted Brisk asking if there were any prize limitations (eg. Limit 1 Prize / Person or limit 1 Prize / Household) and this is what I received as a reply:

Hi Terra,

As this is a fan giveaway  and not a contest there are no rules to how many fan gifts you can receive.


  1. Laurie House
    August 20, 18:18 Reply
    Thanks for finding that info out for us, I scored a prize today! Was very curious as to whether I could try for another or not. I am getting a Brisk Clothes pak of some kind, cant even stop to look at what it was or forfeit getting it. Patience does pay off sometimes- and then speed!!!
  2. Donnas
    August 20, 21:54 Reply
    I tried to enter within 2 minutes of your posting that it was live on Facebook and got the "bummer" message, so they don't last very long.

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