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UPDATE August 28th:

As always, my original post was honest and to the point. I feel that it is my obligation as a blogger to share with you my real thoughts and opinions so that’s what I did. However, initial impressions aren’t always correct and I am can admit when I’m wrong. I was wrong about SnapSaves.

I was lucky enough to just have a conference call with 3 members of the SnapSaves Team! We had a great chat and I learned a lot about the background and future of SnapSaves. I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Melissa, Daniel and Michael – the SnapSaves Team! They are a good lookin’ bunch aren’t they đŸ˜‰


First let me clear a few things up from the original post. The team let me know that SnapSaves is only in it’s “Soft Launch” Phase. What this means is, they are still working on the program and the application to make it all run smoothly. They are making changes and updates based on user feedback and experience. The big Grand Launch will be happening in September. We can’t wait!

This is why we haven’t seen any media or press on this program and it is also why SnapSaves didn’t respond to my initial email. They weren’t quite ready to introduce an “unfinished” product into the community yet. Either way, the cat’s out of the bag now and SnapSaves is growing by leaps and bounds already.

I was also corrected in my assumption about Customer Service response times. The team works 24/7 to ensure that their customers are happy and that any issues are dealt with promptly. Kind of like Ryan and I :)

There are big things on the horizon from SnapSaves (I’m going to keep them under wraps for now..) and we are excited to be a part of it. You can expect to see SnapSaves and SaveaLoonie teaming up for some great things in the coming week and months!

You can also expect to see an extensive How To Guide for SnapSaves full of useful hints & tips very soon.

If my OP dissuaded you from signing up for SnapSaves, I apologize. Give them a chance! I did đŸ˜€

Original Post

By now I’m sure you’ve seen it posted on blogs and forums across the Canadian Couponing Community, SnapSaves. They are claiming to be the latest and greatest thing in couponing and saving money.

The basic principle is eerily similar to Checkout 51. You browse through each week’s available offers, purchase groceries and then submit your receipts to receive “Cash Back” on participating products. You meet the threshold and receive a check for your accumulated balance. I will write a more detailed guide soon.

There are a few other minute differences between the two programs but I’m hear to tell you that there is one BIG difference I’ve noticed with SnapSaves in comparison to CO51 – Customer Service.

I initially stumbled across SnapSaves 2 weeks ago. I browsed the app and then went online and checked out their website. I immediately fired off an email to their introducing myself and letting them know that I was interested in writing a piece about them for SaveaLoonie. I never heard back :(

Then yesterday, after having several community members let us know about SnapSaves again, I sent a message on their Facebook Page. I heard back within 15 minutes. This message asked me to email their PR person, so I did right away. It took 5 hours for her to respond and ask if we could have a phone call tomorrow. I excitedly replied back with a time that worked for me. That time has now come and gone and I have yet to even get a response to my last email.

By comparison, when CO51 launched, they replied back to inquires quickly and were eager to share details about their new company. Unfortunately, SnapSaves has kind of rubbed me the wrong way already. I can only imagine how long its going to take to get responses back from customer inquires…

Now, I’m not trying to be an anti-SnapSaver or anything but I always believe it is important to do your research before fully entrusting a company. I haven’t heard  of anybody actually receiving a monetary payment yet and there are no press releases (that I’m aware of yet) introducing the company to consumers.

I am still eagerly awaiting my phone chat with SnapSaves, hopefully some time today. I will of course update with details when I receive them.  I’m just saying, don’t cash your checks before you get them…

UPDATE: As of 2pm ET I’ve had return emails from the SnapSaves PR person as well as their Director of Marketing and Sales. Working to set up a phone conference for tomorrow morning :)

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