Introduction to CartSmart

Introduction to CartSmart

First Checkout 51, then SnapSaves and now I’d like to introduce you to CartSmart – the new Money Saving Mobile application!

The basic idea is, you purchase participating products at Canadian retailers, scan your receipt & receive cash back! I’m not going to get into all the details about it now, but CartSmart has several features that make it VERY different from the other similar apps. Here are the big ones:

1. Built-in Shopping List. You can quickly add the flyer deals & rebate offers (collectively called “Smart Deals”) to specific lists that you create.

2. You can cash out with PayPal instead of check! If you choose PayPal, you can cash out with as little as $5

While CartSmart is currently only available in the Apple App Store, they ARE working on an Android version that is set to be released in the coming weeks. You can expect a complete How To Guide from us in the coming weeks too!

After Neil, the founder of CartSmart reached out to us last night, I downloaded the app and spent some time browsing around. They have some really great & unique offers – nothing like you’ve seen on Checkout 51 or SnapSaves before.

We’ve also got some exciting things coming up that will exclusive to users who sign up through us! Be sure to use the referral code savealoonie1 when you sign up to be included!

CLICK HERE for the Current Cash Back Offers.

If you are new to CartSmart, be sure to use the referral code savealoonie1 when you sign up to be included in our upcoming special offers!


  1. Ruby
    October 30, 17:06 Reply
    I cant figure out how to upload reciepts on CartSmart?
  2. Tara Harms
    October 31, 00:37 Reply
    they def need to do an android version i will be waiting it will be good to have a shopping list and coupons on my phone in one place
  3. Nathalie
    January 05, 13:27 Reply
    Hi, I opened an account in iTunes, I downloaded the program but cannot find how to open and use the program :( Can someone help me please

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