Keurig Perfect Cup Contest

Keurig Perfect Cup Contest

Keurig has just launched a new contest!

Enter for your chance to see your favourite band in concert  plus one of 275 other secondary prizes.

The first 3000 entrants will receive a FREE Keurig Cup valued at $9.90!! GONE!

Limit one entry per person.

Contest closes December 31, 2013



  1. Kerry
    October 29, 12:41 Reply
    Where do you see this on their website??? Don't see it anywhere??
  2. Lisa Spray
    October 29, 13:02 Reply
    Link don't seem to be working tried clearing cache an with different browsers.
  3. Charlene
    October 29, 13:19 Reply
    No luck here either. Didn't work. I tried first when it came out and nothing, just said webpage not found!! Oh well.
  4. Pen
    October 29, 13:22 Reply
    First rule of any contest or promotion read the rules !!! It says USA Only !!!!!!!
    • savealoonie
      October 29, 13:36 Reply
      I did actually - it is Canadian. It's on the .ca website ;) You must be misdirected
  5. tracy Smith
    October 29, 13:31 Reply
    the site is not working tried a few times and keeps shutting down
  6. Daniel
    October 29, 14:21 Reply
    The page loads, But I get an error after creating my cup, It'll say "Your cup is being generated" yadda yadda, then after about a minute it comes back and says "Error: Undefined XHR"
  7. Tara
    October 29, 14:33 Reply
    Unfortunately the site is not just extremely slow, it does not work
  8. Daniel
    October 29, 14:35 Reply
    A whole bevvy of errors now, It appears the entire script for this offer has crash or gone missing, At first I was able to actually make the cup, but alas, it would come back with an error saying "Error: Undefined something or other". So its completely fizzuckled now.... Nice offer Keurig, Hope I can get in on your next non-offer too!
  9. dave
    October 29, 14:37 Reply
    I have been trying for 1/2 hr now , after I create my cup I get a message " ERROR : UNDERFINED XHR " , then I retry a I get some page that has a bunch of definitions on it , NO Ideal what's going on , ANY ONE GET IT DONE YET ?
  10. Monique Grenon
    October 29, 14:42 Reply
    I got to start making my cup then nothing....error...I hope I get my cup anyway ...please let me know
  11. Monique Grenon
    October 29, 14:43 Reply
    Got error in middle of creating my cup...we I still get it?
  12. Dave
    October 29, 15:05 Reply
    Been trying now for two hours, ERRORS ERRORS AND MORE ERRORS!!! Im still able to make my cup, but when i try to submit it it says ERROR UNDEFINED XHM something something. Keurig: GIVE ME BACK MY TWO HOURS & U CAN SHOVE YOUR CUP!
  13. Tasha
    October 29, 15:22 Reply
    I got one after trying for almost an hour! LOL! Thanks so much for sharing :)
  14. Patricia Franz
    October 29, 16:00 Reply
    I have been trying all afternoon and this site is not working. I just keep getting the same response every time.
  15. karry lewis
    October 29, 17:03 Reply
    I tried all afternoon, The mug was generating the whole time and never went any further. A unhappy Keurig customer.
  16. Joan Breckenridge
    October 29, 21:22 Reply
    I received a message today saying I won a Keurig's saying I won a cup.. But I could not get in to confirm it. Please check it and mail me the cup I won. Thank You, Joan Breckenridge

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