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Keurig has just launched a new contest!

Enter for your chance to see your favourite band in concert  plus one of 275 other secondary prizes.

The first 3000 entrants will receive a FREE Keurig Cup valued at $9.90!! GONE!

Limit one entry per person.

Contest closes December 31, 2013

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 at 12:19 pm EST
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  1. Patrina

    Dang, page overloaded!

  2. Kerry

    Where do you see this on their website??? Don’t see it anywhere??

  3. Nathalie Raymond

    Free single

  4. Louise Provencher

    This is very annoying the page can’t be displayed

  5. Karen Sundvall

    Not having any luck with this one either

  6. Lisa Spray

    Link don’t seem to be working tried clearing cache an with different browsers.

  7. Charlene

    No luck here either. Didn’t work. I tried first when it came out and nothing, just said webpage not found!! Oh well.

  8. Pen

    First rule of any contest or promotion read the rules !!! It says USA Only !!!!!!!

    • savealoonie

      I did actually – it is Canadian. It’s on the .ca website ;) You must be misdirected

  9. tracy Smith

    the site is not working tried a few times and keeps shutting down

  10. Daniel

    The page loads, But I get an error after creating my cup, It’ll say “Your cup is being generated” yadda yadda, then after about a minute it comes back and says “Error: Undefined XHR”

  11. Tara

    Unfortunately the site is not just extremely slow, it does not work

  12. Daniel

    A whole bevvy of errors now, It appears the entire script for this offer has crash or gone missing, At first I was able to actually make the cup, but alas, it would come back with an error saying “Error: Undefined something or other”.

    So its completely fizzuckled now….

    Nice offer Keurig, Hope I can get in on your next non-offer too!

  13. dave

    I have been trying for 1/2 hr now , after I create my cup I get a message ” ERROR : UNDERFINED XHR ” , then I retry a I get some page that has a bunch of definitions on it , NO Ideal what’s going on , ANY ONE GET IT DONE YET ?

  14. Monique Grenon

    I got to start making my cup then nothing….error…I hope I get my cup anyway …please let me know

  15. Monique Grenon

    Got error in middle of creating my cup…we I still get it?

  16. Dave

    Been trying now for two hours, ERRORS ERRORS AND MORE ERRORS!!!

    Im still able to make my cup, but when i try to submit it it says ERROR UNDEFINED XHM something something. Keurig: GIVE ME BACK MY TWO HOURS & U CAN SHOVE YOUR CUP!

  17. Tasha

    I got one after trying for almost an hour! LOL! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  18. Patricia Franz

    I have been trying all afternoon and this site is not working. I just keep getting the same response every time.

  19. karry lewis

    I tried all afternoon, The mug was generating the whole time and never went any further. A unhappy Keurig customer.

  20. Joan Breckenridge

    I received a message today saying I won a Keurig’s saying I won a cup.. But I could not get in to confirm it. Please check it and mail me the cup I won. Thank You, Joan Breckenridge

  21. dave

    After trying yesterday for almost 2 1/2 hr , I finally did get to create a cup and after the final site froze , I did the same thing , BUT I made 2 cups and let the site run , after 10 min , I was able to do the final steps on both , then in my mail box I got 2 com. that I have and will receive 2 cups , all I can say is try , today if you go to the site , I made a cup for my wife WITH NO PROBLEM , its open NOW so try it today ,

  22. Pen

    Thanks finally got 2 site was not able to get a cup though as site kept crashing on me. But was able to create cup for contest.

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