Cadbury The Hunt Starts Now Contest

Cadbury The Hunt Starts Now Contest

Enter for your chance to win the Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt!

Cadbury Creme Egg is giving 1 lucky winner the chance to win a Egg Hunt for you their neighbourhood valued at $15,000!

There are also 10 Secondary Prizes of a Cadbury Easter Gift Basket.

Limit 1 entry per person

Contest closes March 17, 2014

Excludes Yukon, Northwest, and Nunavut territories


  1. shanon
    February 18, 00:16 Reply
    I would love this chance to give the kids and my nephews who live in my neighborhood a fun and great easter hunt!
  2. Brenda Rego
    February 20, 21:09 Reply
    I would love to have my grandchildren and some o0f their friends come and search for Cadbury eggs at Nana's house!!!!!
  3. Jaemee drover
    February 25, 18:56 Reply
    I would really love to have a Easter hunt for me my family and my friends I LOVE CADBURY CREAME EGGS YUMMY YUMNESS
  4. Michelle Downey
    February 26, 07:43 Reply
    I would love to have a hunt featuring Cadbury eggs. For the adults especially on my friends list as we talk about and brag about getting a cadbury egg each time we purchase one. You are never too old to have fun. Of course i would have kids participate as well lol. I can taste them now.
  5. Crystal MacCuish
    February 26, 09:42 Reply
    I would love to have this in our small neighborhood in Spruce Grove.
  6. Cristina C
    February 28, 08:47 Reply
    I would love to have the opportunity to have a neighbourhood easter egg hunt with all the kids who live in my neighbourhood because it is a good way to get the children of my neighbourhood who are of different races and cultures together and mingling together and getting to know one another outside of school. It would be a great way to reduce racism and prejudice and show the children that no matter what colour your skin is everyone is the same! I would love to have this opportunity !
    • savealoonie
      February 28, 08:54 Reply
      Hey Christina, make sure you enter here:
  7. julia haluska
    March 06, 19:23 Reply
    I would love to have the cadberry egg hunt for my friendship club we all love your eggs
  8. Cathy Greenwood
    March 08, 20:25 Reply
    It is a long standing tradition in our community for famlies to gather and go "Eastering"...we gather in a wooded area.some build small shelters from tree branchs....have a small fire..boil eggs ..roast hot dogs...and have an egg hunt..having a sponsered hunt means we could include more families and bring a fishing community that has endured a tough year together for some fun...
  9. Bernice Hollett
    March 17, 15:48 Reply
    As a large family we have an Easter Egg Hunt every Easter after church. We live in a small community on the east side of Algonquin Park. It would be fantastic if we could include all the children in our community for a very special Easter Egg Hunt. I just think it would be very special for all the families to enjoy. Thank you

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